Ron Moody

Ron MoodyApart from my training many years ago as an engineering draughtsman, I have had no formal art tuition. Although I have always been interested in visual art, I didn't start painting until 1995. Early retirement four years later enabled me to devote more time to my 'hobby' which has mow developed to the point where I am able to sell my work.

I have developed a distinctive style of my own that has proved popular over the past few years. My first (solo) exhibition was Hampshire Open Studios 2005. Since then I have participated in a number of local exhibitions including The Best of Hampshire Artists event held at the Hilliers Arboretum, The Salisbury Playhouse Gallery - Fisherton Mill in Salisbury in 2008 and at the Eastleigh Museum in 2009.

My art is not intended to be serious. I use bright primary colours to create paintings in a quirky, "tongue-in-cheek" style. My subjects are varied but I mostly enjoy painting architectiure, townscapes, harbours and nautical scene - mainly in watercolour. I also use arcylics applied thickly with a knife together with mixed media and collage.